The Madeira New Wave was founded in order to provide an unique and refreshing experience to everyone interested in Surf, Bodyboard and Yoga. The contact with the sea and with one self is the number one motto. If you are curious to try other nature sports, Madeira New Wave has well-established local partners that can provide you with those services.

Carina Carvalho, Head of a Bodyboarding School since 2010, offers you professional coaching and specialized training sessions. She is involved in several local projects and is actively engaged in introducing Bodyboard to the new generations of athletes and students.


Carina Carvalho - Madeira New Wave CEO

  • Regional Bodyboard Champion, Madeira (2007-2016)
  • 4th national and 6th european (ETB) position in the 2013 bodyboarding championships; 13th position in the 2015 world tour and 12th in the 2016 world tour (APB)
  • Degree level in Sports Science – Physic Education and School Sports since 2003 (FMH)
  • Surf coach certificated by the Portuguese Surfing Federation (FPS) since 2010, CTD nº: 22288
  • Sports management in Surf, Bodyboard and Stand Up Paddle events in Madeira Island (2014-2017).

RNAAT nº 291/2018

Surf & Bodyboard Lessons & Holidays

Madeira Island, situated in the north Atlantic Ocean just 560 kilometers far from Morocco and 400 kilometers north of Tenerife, Canary Islands, is known as the island of eternal spring. The island has the perfect scenery for anyone interested in reconnecting with nature. Its subtropical climate guarantees you mild and warm weather conditions all over the year. Madeira is a unique destination offering an endless range of nature activities such as water sports. It is well known by its stunning and consistent waves, always breaking throughout the coast line. The reef breaks, point breaks and beach breaks are suitable to all surfing levels, no matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate or an expert.

Join us and feel the adrenaline rush from riding the waves!

Surf & Bodyboard School


MNW School

For everybody living in the island, our Madeira New Wave fully certified coaches can provide you surf and bodyboard lessons no matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate or an expert.

Regular lessons:

  • Monthly once per week/monthly twice per week
  • Packs: 5 lessons/10 lessons
  • Pay per lesson

Group activities:

  • Leisure activities
  • Birthday parties, theme parties, etc
  • Company groups

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